Our quality policy

Leading the industry, providing R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and technical service in the fields of mobile phones, mobile phone chargers, charger cables, powebank, wired - wireless headphones, usb sticks, micro sd memory cards, converters, ckd electronic card production As one of our companies, within the framework of quality management systems;

  • To ensure the traceability of our products and services by providing the necessary documentation at every stage of our activities,
  • To comply with national and international primary and secondary legislation, standards and other relevant conditions in all activities,
  • Developing new products as a result of R&D studies, improving existing products and increasing our national added value,
  • To increase our national and international competitiveness with a customer-oriented continuous improvement approach,
  • To keep our products and services under control with risk and opportunity assessment within the framework of the Quality Management System,
  • To deliver the products in full and on time,
  • To provide information transfer and sharing through continuous training and seminars in order to increase the development of our employees and the awareness of our stakeholders,
  • To meet the expectations of our customers with a customer-oriented service approach and to ensure that their satisfaction is kept at the highest level,
  • To always provide reliable and fast service to our customers with our after-sales service guarantee,
  • To protect each individual and environmental conditions in the best way by approaching occupational health, occupational safety and environmental issues,

We consider its subjects as a priority and we undertake and declare that it is under the responsibility of our company.

General manager