1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods and the warranty period is 2 years.

  2. The whole product, including all parts (from production and assembly faults and / or against malfunctions that may occur from defective parts) are within the scope of our company's warranty.

  3. In case the product fails within the warranty period, the period of repair is added to the warranty period. The repair period of the goods is maximum 20 working days.

  4. In the event that the product fails due to material and workmanship or assembly faults within the warranty period, labor cost, replacement part cost or any other It will be repaired under a name without any charge.

  5. The warranty period of the goods replaced during the warranty application is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased goods.

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    Free of charge repair and product replacement obligations are eliminated in the following cases;

    • In case of malfunction of the product due to use contrary to the methods or conditions specified in the user manual

    • In case the serial numbers or warranty labels of the product and its contents are damaged/torn

    • In case it is determined that the product has been opened/repaired before, other than SYROX Authorized Service personnel

    • The product and its contents In case the outer surfaces of the product are broken or scratched under the responsibility of the customer

    • In case of malfunctions caused by accessories or other devices purchased from a place other than our company and our authorized services and used with the product

    • Wrong handling (bump, drop, impact), wrong and inadequate maintenance, misuse and abuse after the delivery of the device to the consumer, use contrary to the environmental specifications specified in the user manual for the device; In case of failures caused by insufficient air installation, use of the product in excessively humid, dusty or hot environments, liquid contact or use in corrosive environments harmful to electronic circuits, accident, impact, electricity (voltage changes), natural disasters

    • In case of faults caused by software and viruses

    • In case of replacement of defective parts with parts other than SYROX Authorized technical services and/or parts without SYROX warranty

  7. Consumables (bag, CD, Case, cable, etc.) supplied with the device are out of warranty.

  8. It is determined by the report to be prepared by the SYROX authorized service whether the malfunctions occur as a result of usage error. .