By accepting the Communication Permission of Özkanlar Elektronik İletişim İnşaat ve Gıda Ticaret Limited Şirketi, for the purpose of electronic communication and sending other communication messages to you, your personal data that you have consented to be shared with us; You consent to the collection, storage, processing, use, transfer.

This personal data of yours, for the same purposes; All of our subsidiaries and subsidiaries will be shared with third party partners in Turkey and/or abroad with whom we have contractual relations. In addition, this information is legally and technically the same with us in terms of data protection and security, with which we have a contractual relationship, in order to provide the services to be provided to you, to deliver your possible shipments in a healthy manner, to deliver your notifications on time via telephone, sms, e-mail and other electronic communication means. It will be shared with third parties who have responsibilities and comply with the provisions of the relevant Legislation, only in case of need and to the extent necessary. .. By accepting the Communication Permit, it will be shared based on the legal relationship between us and the electronic communications operator, which is processed by the electronic communications operator with your express consent.

You consent to the processing of all kinds of electronic communications and the sending of other communications messages. If you want to withdraw your communication permission, you can forward your request to Özkanlar Elektronik İletişim İnşaat ve Gıda Ticaret Limited Şirketi at any time by the method you have given your permission (sms, e-mail, website and other methods).

You will expressly consent to the use and storage of your personal data by Özkanlar Elektronik İletişim İnşaat ve Gıda Ticaret Limited Şirketi.