Our Environmental Policy

  • To use natural resources efficiently, to increase recycling and recovery,
  • Considering energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies while creating all processes from the design stage,
  • Developing and implementing energy efficiency projects that will have a positive impact on climate change,
  • Purchasing energy-efficient products, services and technologies, supporting high-performance designs,
  • We aim to carry out our production activities by applying Environmental Management Systems.

In this direction

  • To comply with the applicable legal and other conditions related to the environment,
  • To continuously improve and develop our environmental performance,
  • To take the necessary measures to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of our activities,
  • To periodically review our determined goals and objectives, to create the necessary resources to achieve these goals and objectives,
  • To increase awareness and sensitivity by ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by our stakeholders.

we are committed.

General manager