Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In order to ensure that our employees and related parties are in health and safety;

  • To create healthy and safe working conditions with zero work accident and zero occupational disease approach,
  • To detect and eliminate danger, risk and near miss situations in the working environment,
  • To provide necessary communication activities in order to understand the needs and expectations of our employees and other interested parties in the field of OHS,
  • To continuously improve our OHS performance by using the best available technologies,
  • To take proactive measures by making the necessary plans for possible emergencies,
  • To provide opportunities for all OHS trainings that may be required and to follow the effectiveness of the trainings,
  • To promote the lessons learned and best practices in OHS issues and to disseminate them in all our fields of work,
  • To follow and improve the OHS performances of contractor companies within the scope of our OHS Management System,
  • To identify opportunities related to OHS and to evaluate them by integrating them into our processes and practices,
  • To achieve a successful OHS performance, to set goals, to create action plans, to follow the realization levels,
  • To create a culture in which our policy and the habit of working in a safe and healthy way are internalized and to provide the necessary resources for this,
  • To act in accordance with national and international legal regulations and other obligations regarding OHS in all geographies where we operate, in new investments and operations,
  • To base continuous improvement in our OHS activities by ensuring the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders,

we are committed.

General manager